Welcome Instructors!

The Skills Academy is designed to provide athletes the opportunity to obtain quality training from qualified coaches so that they can develop the skills necessary to progress to the next level. See below for the eligibility requirements and registration form to become a Skills Instructor.


Requirement(s): USBC Certification

What It Is

The WF Bowling Skills Academy is a central location where youth bowlers throughout Hampton Roads can find USBC certified coaches to schedule affordable, 4:1, 90 minute practice sessions. We strive to create CHAMPIONS, and do so by ensuring that our instructors have the knowledge and training needed to provide quality and effective lessons.

How It Works

To become a Bowling Skills Instructor you must be, at least, Level I certified with the USBC.

As a Skills Instructor, you will:

  • Create your own schedule. Bowlers will have the opportunity to schedule lessons based on a calendar that features the availability of your choosing. We only ask that you commit to a minimum of one session per month to stay active.
  • Teach lessons. You will be expected to provide quality, level appropriate instruction based on the Warr Foundation Standards of Learning. To ensure that all Skill Instructors understand the desired rate of progression, each instructor will complete a training session hosted by the Warr Foundation prior to giving their first lesson.
  • Receive payment for your services. We know that grooming champions is hard work. To thank you for your dedication to the overall improvement of our youth bowlers, you will be compensated $50 per session taught.

If you have any further questions check out our FAQ’s or send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.

Skills Instructor Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my availability?

Yes. Any changes must be requested two (2) weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for calendar editing and scheduling.

Where are the lessons held?

At the location of your choosing. When you submit your availability, you will also be required to submit the location(s) for your sessions. All of this information will be available for bowlers to view on the scheduling calendar.

I’m Level I certified but want to take the Bronze certification class. Can I still sign up now?

Yes! If you are currently Level I certified but are waiting for the next Bronze level certification course you can still sign up now. You must submit proof of your Level I certification to start off. Then, upon successful completion, simply submit a copy of your Bronze level certification.

Do I have to pay to sign up?

No. There is no fee upon registration as a Skills Instructor. The only cost you are responsible for is the cost to become USBC certified.

Do I have to do any more training after I complete the USBC certification?

Yes. To ensure that all of our instructors are aware of the desired rate of progress, each instructor will be required to attend the Warr Foundation Instructional Session.

What are the hours?

You set your own availability. We only ask that you maintain a minimum of one session per month to stay active.

Is this a paid opportunity?

Yes. You will be compensated $50 per session taught.

How do I sign up?

Fill out and submit the registration form below. You will receive an email response within 3-5 business days informing you of the next steps.